New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor The Victorian Witch Hat

The Victorian Witch Hat
“The Hat with a Stem”!
All of my hats are handmade and sculpted into a one of a kind work of art.  Just the ruching and sculpting of the hat can take anywhere from 6-8 hours.   I always use the best fabrics and trims to complete my hats. Some of the hats are constructed from vintage silk, vintage millinery, antique or vintage buckles, vintage velvet ribbon, and vintage trim. I love doing custom orders, but there are many beautiful completed hats on my website ready for purchase.
I create 3 different styles of Victorian Witch Hats.
1) The Beautiful Witch Hat- nothing scary, just beautiful.
2) The Halloween Witch Hat, which is whimsical and fun.
3) The authentic Victorian Witch Hat with real birds, bones, taxidermy, Vintage and Victorian Items, and materials.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Witch Candle Shop

Witch Candle Shop
Candles for your Magickal Workings
The Witch Candle Shop is proud to provide personalized services & supplies for the New Age and Traditional Practitioners of American witchcraft, conjure, southern rootwork, and other magical practices. While some shops might say no…we will gladly embrace the Darker Style of Magick for our Customers. Welcome to my ETSY store. I am a Candle Maker By trade, with over 30 years experience…but I do have other talents. If you need a certain type of Candle for your Magickal Workings…please contact me directly.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Magic in Your Living Room

Magic in Your Living Room
Beautiful Designs and Uplifting Ideas For Wiccans and other Pagans
Ready-to-Use Rituals, Beautiful Altar Cloths & Colorful Scarves. Magic in Your Living Room is based on the idea that magic is available to each of us. Each of us is a power for good or bad. We do not need special buildings or special clothes to know ourselves as magical beings. We are part of the energy of the universe, made of stardust and each of us a manifestation of the power of cosmos. To make this easier, I am making available my ready-to-use Pagan rituals and now, some of the things you need for those rituals, including altar cloths of symbolic and inspiring design. The rituals follow the Wiccan calendar of holidays, but are mostly non-denominational and could be used by anyone who feels ritual is an important part of life. You will get step-by-step instructions including a list of necessary items, how to set up the altar and room and a complete program for the ritual activity.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Silk Road

The Silk Road
Garb for Festival or Everyday Wear
Hand made and Hand dyed vintage clothing and costuming, scarves shawls and hats. Many styles including modern, renaissance, and steampunk. Historically Inspired Silk Clothing and Costumes. Silk Road designs and hand-makes renaissance and Victorian inspired clothing. We do everything – cloaks, shirts, pants, chemises, dresses, scarves and more. All out of hand dyed 100% silk. (Except where noted) (If thou does not see it, we can make it for thee. Custom orders trouble us not!) Our wares are available for thy viewing and purchasing at Hollygrove, Michigan Renaissance Festival, Howell, and the Midwest Witches’ Bazaar

Special announcement: Dorothy Morrison and Wicked Witch Studios would like to sponsor two couples for the Midwest Witches’ Ball.

In true Dorothy Morrison style, she would like to make it possible for two couples, who would not normally have the means, to attend the Midwest Witches Ball. As a sponsor of the ball, she was given four tickets. Since she cannot attend, she wants to give back to the Michigan community who has been so loving to her. In an effort to support both the local community and local vendors, Candle Wick Shop will be working with Dorothy to select the two couples who will receive free tickets to Midwest Witches’ Ball.

So it’s super easy. Just send an email to and nominate the couple of your choice. Make sure you include a brief overview of why you are nominating them, their contact info and ages. Midwest Witches’ Ball is a 21 and over event. Nominations will be accepted between Sept 1st and Sept 30th 2016.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Arcadia Marketplace


Arcadia Marketplace

Your Destination For All Coventry Creations


Arcadia Marketplace offers Coventry Creations hand poured candles, oils, sprays and original book works. We love to grow with smaller business`s with our unique drop ship and wholesale programs. Arcadia Marketplace your only destination to find all the Coventry Creation products you love on Amazon Prime.  Wholesale / Dropship / Retail

New 2016 Witches/ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Lothlorien Moon Studio

Lothlorien Moon Studio
Maker of distinctive one-of-a kind wands, canes, and walking staffs.
Maker of distinctive hand carved wands, canes, and ceremonial walking staffs. All canes and staffs can be cut to fit for proper length on site. All work, carving, cutting, sanding, designs are done by hand and hand tools. No power tools such as Dremels, lathes, etc. are used. To keep my carbon footprint to a minimum, the only electrical tool I use is my wood burning pen for the designs. All colors are colorfast and non-toxic. All products are finished with linseed oil. All products are one of a kind and made with the “Intention” that the person who is best suited to work with that particular combination of gems & wood type will be drawn to come and claim it for their own!

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Dan’s Tarot

Dan’s Tarot
Psychic Readings & Spiritual Counseling
Thanks for taking an interest. I have been reading tarot cards and conducting spiritual counselings for over 20 years. My readings will help bring clarity to your life problems and help you discover your spiritual lessons which often manifest as problems, obstacles and issues. By knowing and understanding these lessons, you can make the corrections in order to bring harmony to your life and get you back on track.