New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor The Celtic Art Store

The Celtic Art Store
Features the Original Celtic Art of Ravensduaghter.
Creator of Celtic Art Mandalynths – Mindfulness Tools for Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, ADHD, and Autism In 2009 I began to create a Celtic Art collection. I soon began to realize that tracing the bends and curls of my Celtic Art designs had therapeutic benefit to the behavioral and neurological communities. Simply put, tracing a Celtic Knot works the brain across the mid-line to induce a state of “relaxed awareness”. It also isolates visual and tactile stimuli, allowing for the introduction of guided imagery and creative visualization. The result is Celtic Art Therapy, a non-drug decompression tool that has shown initial results with Autism, attention deficit, anxiety, and other neurological conditions.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Ginger’s Occult

Ginger’s Occult
Occult Goods, Magical Finds
My shop is about sharing my positive energies, infusing my crafts with the love and passion I have for the Occult. Spell Bottles, art, books and more will be listed in my shop. Hands on work is what I love to do most, these works are unique, creative, and well priced. I hope that my shop can spark something in the customers and help them along their journey.

Michigan Pagan Scholarship is Pleased to Announce it’s 2016 Scholarship Winner

Michigan Pagan Scholarship is Pleased to Announce it’s 2016 Scholarship Winner

We would like to thank the following organizations for stepping up to insure that the Pagan Scholarship Fund continues:

Universal Society of Ancient Ministry
Magical Educational Council
Witches Of Michigan
Candle Wick Shoppe
Coventry Creations
Midwest Witches’ Ball

The Michigan Pagan Scholarship purpose is to recognize and encourage young Pagans. Only one scholarships is awarded each year, Winners must demonstrate evidence of leadership, and engage in community service.

We are pleased to inform you that Pete Ryland Shoda, III has been selected by the 2016 Michigan Pagan Scholarship as this years winner.

Pete Ryland Shoda, III lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and recently graduated from West Michigan Aviation Academy. Pet is going to GRCC and Northwestern Colleges. GRCC will gives him a chance to take classes there that he needs and then go on to Northwestern for flying classes. Northwestern College is one of the best colleges for flying in the US. Michigan has the best weather to learn to fly because it has such sudden climate changes. The degree Pete is going for is Aviation Operations, which is a Bachelor Degree.

Read his winning Essay’s @
What it means to be a Pagan

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor CenterPeace

Space for your Sacred, Holistic or New Age Event
28880 7 Mile Road
Livonia, MI
CenterPeace is an exquisite new facility in Livonia, MI which will cater to many different holistic, new age, alternative and sacred events. It is centrally located in a quiet residential neighborhood, with easy parking and on site facilities ideal for students and teachers. The Director of Center Peace, Jenna Tasker, is inspired by collaboration. She is committed to helping the integration of joy, bliss, connection, creativity and intimacy into all areas of life. Our Mission at Center Peace is to create environments and experiences suitable for healing, joy, vitality and transformation.

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Pagan Business Network Radio

Pagan Business Network Radio
A Division of Pagan Business Network
PBNR brings you Pagan music, Pagan shows, Pagan businesses, authors, news and fun. PBN Radio is fortunate to have found some great hosts that work hard to bring you quality shows and also care about the Pagan community and helping to develop resources to help it grow. We are constantly adding new shows and new hosts so tune in and have some fun!