New 2016 Witches/ Ball Sponsor & Vendor Lothlorien Moon Studio

Lothlorien Moon Studio
Maker of distinctive one-of-a kind wands, canes, and walking staffs.
Maker of distinctive hand carved wands, canes, and ceremonial walking staffs. All canes and staffs can be cut to fit for proper length on site. All work, carving, cutting, sanding, designs are done by hand and hand tools. No power tools such as Dremels, lathes, etc. are used. To keep my carbon footprint to a minimum, the only electrical tool I use is my wood burning pen for the designs. All colors are colorfast and non-toxic. All products are finished with linseed oil. All products are one of a kind and made with the “Intention” that the person who is best suited to work with that particular combination of gems & wood type will be drawn to come and claim it for their own!

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Dan’s Tarot

Dan’s Tarot
Psychic Readings & Spiritual Counseling
Thanks for taking an interest. I have been reading tarot cards and conducting spiritual counselings for over 20 years. My readings will help bring clarity to your life problems and help you discover your spiritual lessons which often manifest as problems, obstacles and issues. By knowing and understanding these lessons, you can make the corrections in order to bring harmony to your life and get you back on track.

Little Witches Ball

October 14, 2016
6 pm – 10 pm
VFW Hall
25500 Sherwood Ave
Warren, MI 48091

Little Witches Ball

“Get Your Goosebumps”

We have the bet DJ around, Dancing, Karaoke, plenty of games and activities for the kids.

Now is your chance to dress up like your favorite Goosebumps character. It’s a costume party for both big kids and little kids alike. You can take your whole family to the Little Witches Ball and make it a night out for the whole family, all for the price of going to a fast food restaurant. We hope to see you there.

We will be collecting non-perishable food for Pagans in Need Food Pantry – and – New unwrapped toys for the Toys for Yule project.

This is going to be a blast for our children, we will have soft drinks – Pizza and music. We are requesting donations of candy flat ware and party decorations and of course money…all donations may be given to Gerrybrete Leonard or Merlyn Firstborn.

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Admission: Children up to 17 years old $5.00 Adults 18 years and older $7.50

Children Under 10 must be accompanied by a parent.

Tickets may be purchased at the following link and your PayPal receipt will serve as your ticket.

New 2016 Witches Ball Entertainment by Chaos Talent

Chaos Talent
A Unique Talent & Model Agency
We are an alternative modeling agency that specializes in pagan performances. Ally created the successful Detroit based entertainment group over 10 years ago. The group has done a variety of events nationally including promotional events for stores, clubs, and brands as well as produced major events

New 2016 Witches’ Ball Sponsor The Teal Rose

The Teal Rose
The one stop unique gift shop
(616) 610-3549
The Teal Rose has unique gifts, hand made items, metaphysical items, essential oil mixes, and is very happy to serve you and the community. Prices are reasonable and will be expanding when the time is right. thank you for your patience as I get this business rolling and off the ground. The Teal Rose offers tips, tricks, natural stones and crystals, home made essential oil mixes, hand made products, please like and share the page.

New 2016 Witches Ball Sponsor Living Roots Creations

Living Roots Creations
A Touch Of Magic For Your Life
Living Roots embodies my life’s work: to reconnect people to themselves, the natural world, and their ancestry. You have all the power to take hold of your life and to achieve your dreams within you. Let me help you unlock it! My products are powerful, easy-to-use, and effective. I carefully combine herbs and oils in sacred space to address your conflicts and obstacles. Everything in this universe exists as energy, and my creations align you to hear and accept your true inner self and the love of your spirits and ancestors. You are not in this world alone. You are the legacy of generation upon generation that have given their everything to get you here. They are still reaching out to help you. Don’t waste time trapped by the same negative patterns and struggles. Get a touch of magic in your life, and change your world today.